Award-Winning Quantum Time Thriller.
A young physics student must find a way to reverse a deadly quantum time anomoly and solve the murder of her fiancee while battling short-term memory loss and timeslips caused by the event. Think Memento meets Primer with a bit of Fringe. WINNER BEST SCIENCE FICTION FILM, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD NOMINEE, and CHRONONAUT TIME TRAVEL AWARD WINNER.
Stars Quantum Break's Courtney Hope, Academy Award Nominee Bruce Davison, Golden Globe Winner Susan Blakely, Superman's Sarah Douglas, and Underground's Christopher Backus.
Now in festivals. Coming soon to theatres and VOD.

Award-Winning Supernatural Thriller.
Jacob's Ladder
meets 12 Monkeys and Eyes of Laura Mars (in the tone of The Ring) in this character-driven supernatural bio-thriller when a female photojournalist begins seeing images of death in her lens which she believes are precognitive visions of a coming biological holocaust -- the same disease that killed her infant daughter... or did it?
Project now packaging with Academy Award-Winning Actress interested in lead role.

Sci-Fi Drama Series
A new Science Fiction Drama Series in the tradition of The X-Files and Fringe, with a bit of Homeland thrown in for fun. It follows a team of NSA Agents as they become drawn deeper into a web of conspiracy, deception and cover-ups, all related to the mysterious UFO and alien abduction phenomenon. But with a twist: this story is told from the abductees point of view.


Psychological Thriller.
Fatal Attraction meets Seven when a troubled young woman develops a crush on a serial killer, and a social worker teamed with an embittered detective must confront their own demons while investigating the murders.


Sci-Fi Thriller.
The X-Files meets Rosemary’s Baby when a woman with partial amnesia believes she’s the victim of a kidnapping, only to discover that she herself planned the entire ordeal to avoid dark forces that want to murder the unborn child she is carrying... a genetically advanced fetus that could change the course of human history.

Supernatural Thriller.
Stir of Echoes meets Dead Again in this ghost story with a reincarnation twist that follows an edgy young female violinist as she approaches her 25th birthday, and is drawn into a decades-old child abduction case with a shocking personal connection to the crime: she may be the reincarnation of a murderer.

Sci-Fi Action-Adventure.
In an Ozone-depleted futureworld, a group of underground colonists discover a mysterious alien substance that could save the world -- or destroy it – setting off a chain of events that finds them battling not only the forces of nature, but an entity far more dangerous: man himself.

Sci-Fi Franchise.
Imagine having the ability to ‘punch through’ to the other side and interact with the dead in their world – much the same way spirits can enter ours. Such is the ability of young Samantha DuPrea and other children involved in the Darkness Project; a covert government experiment in communicating with the dead, utilizing children with this unique ability to ‘project their essence’ as portals to the other side.

Based on the multi-award-winning short film Passing Darkness.


Male-Driven Action-Adventure.
The first Black Assassin anti-hero comes to the screen.
Hired Gun Darian Slade is on a mission to avenge the murder of his entire family and attempted murder of himself when he was 8-years old. Little does he know that the entire ordeal was a setup to enable his ultimate destiny: that of a modern-day warrior for an ancient secret society known only as ‘The Raze’. But when he is set up again for the murder of a beautiful undercover NSA agent, he is left with no one to trust... and a long list of people to kill.