See our award-winning feature DISPLACEMENT starring Quantum Break's Courtney Hope, Academy Award Nominee Bruce Davison,
Golden Globe Winner Susan Blakely,
Superman I & II's Sarah Douglas, and Underground's Christopher Backus.
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MADERFILM PRODUCTIONS is a motion picture and media studio founded by award-winning filmmaker Kenneth Mader (recently named one of the "Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World" by Action On Film's Del Weston) to produce high-quality entertainment with superior production values that also ‘has something to say’ regardless of genre, and where the human experience is explored. We operate on the principle that quality and marketability are not mutually exclusive. The company seeks to gain recognition for its high level of commitment to writing and filmmaking excellence, and to bring profitable returns to its investors and equity partners.

As such, Maderfilm is currently enjoying much success with its most recent feature film DISPLACEMENT, having won awards for Best Science Fiction Film and Best Supporting Actor along with a People's Choice Award Nomination in the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, a Chrononaut Time Travel Award in the Boston Science Fiction Festival, and Official Selections in the Phoenix Film Festival, USA Film Festival, and Film-Com.

We are also developing and packaging a entire slate of motion pictures and television series', two of which won Best Feature Screenplay Awards at the AOF Written Word Competition, with an Academy Award Winning actress interested in the lead role for oneo of those. The Pilot for our Sci-Fi Drama Series A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E. recently launched and can be seen here.

Plus we are developing a new Transmedia franchise entitled AFTERLIFE based on our multi-award-winning short film PASSING DARKNESS which features NYPD Blue’s Andrea Thompson and Stargate SG-1’s Don S. Davis. The first in a series of novels dubbed THE ARCADIA CHRONICLES is currenly being written by acclaimed author Julie Kimbrell Ishaya and Kenneth Mader that will provide the foundation and source material for an epic new supernatural adventure saga.

The company’s debut feature CARNIVORE was released by Fox Home Entertainment, premiered on the SyFy Channel and has become a VOD and home video cult hit, with tens of thousands of DVD units sold, a run on pay-per-view (where it enjoyed a healthy 52% buy rate) and numerous territories licensed internationally including Germany.

Mr. Mader has been involved in the film industry for many years, having begun his career in his native Chicago. He has since become an award-winning Writer-Director and Cameraman-Editor who has cut and/or directed numerous projects, from award-winning short films and music videos to successful features. An effective producer as well, he is a tireless creative force with an intense passion for film and the industry that shows dramatically in his work.

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